AgSmart and AGvisorPRO have teamed up to turn the two-day AgSmart expo produced by Olds College of Agriculture & Technology into a 365/24/7 community. By leveraging the capability of AGvisorPRO’s ecosystem, AgSmart, which runs August 1 and 2 in Olds will now be able to help connect the ag tech community in a brand-new way that will advance the adoption of smart farming technology at field level. How does Communities work?📱🌱 Posts 📬 : Posts are for "contributors" (to be appointed by AgSmart) to post information to the community membership. All members are notified with a push notification and can comment on posts. Questions and Answers❓: The Q and A section is for the community to collaborate to solve problems. Questions are asked anonymously, so there is no such thing as a bad question! Any community member can answer the question, and members following the question can follow along with the answers to learn, even if they didn't ask! About: Community description, guidelines, and contributors are listed here.
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